The Whorled

Rachel Satterfield

Summer Book Club

I’m catching up on some reading before I start the master program in Somatic Psychology at California Institute of Integral studies this fall. Take a look at my first book stack from June 4th!


I loved all the poetry in “This Bridge Called My Back”, this book is a classic for a reason and really the highlight out of all eight titles. The essays and poems in this book gave me such a significant sense of belonging. Hearing these womyn express anger, feelings of isolation, fear of not being (black,womyn,queer,borinken,radical,articulate) enough, and the relentless commitment to joy and liberation is an invaluable road map to feminism for womyn for color- where we’ve been, where we are going, and what it feels like along the way.

Okorafor’s “Lagoon” is a must read alien invasion with great subtext on (borrowing language from “Sister Citizen”) the recognition and mis-recognition of others. I’ve loved Okorafor’s fiction since her novel “Who Fears Death” (which is allegedly going become an HBO series? )

First Ever

Summer Solstice