The Whorled

Rachel Satterfield

At the Gates

During spring time when the natural world around us may be moving up and out in new growth, blustery spring winds and rain, and perceptibly warmer sun I like to include an earth element of stability and opening in my practice of yoga asana/poses.

Engage your roots in Malasana/squatting/frog pose.

Heel, ball of big toe and the outside edge of the foot press into the floor.

Head of the femur settles into the hip socket.

Sitting bones soften with gravity.

Move the knees slightly out, opening the gates of the hips.


The hips are the gate to the spine-

When they are open, energy and information rises.

Offer your hips time and space to soften and expand.  

Lift your spine and invite the wisdom below to infuse with the wisdom above.

Pulse your pelvic floor/Mulabandh- lift and release five times.

Stay attentive to your breath and ease-fullness in this pose.

If need be,

Slide a block under your hips, bow your spine and rest your hands on the floor.


Lay on your back in Ananda Balasana/happy baby pose or Supta Baddha Konasana/reclined bound angle pose.

Deep breaths until your body says, “Thank you, I’m done.”

Rest in Savasana/star/corpse pose.

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