The Whorled

Rachel Satterfield

Through All Things

carved right out of the Earth

copper chisel on stone

stone on stone

no shortcuts


what was once Ocean floor  

desert plain

into my face eyes open

into my lion body divine

I see all


on the horizon

the sun rise

the sun set

I see all things

Death mysteries

on the horizon

kingdoms rise

kingdoms fall

I see through all things

Lies are revealed

only Truth is dignified by Time

I rest


my power is under my control

my power is in facing the future

my power is in my belly

touching the Earth and digesting the moment in the moment

my power is in my legs

rooted in sacred lessons from Ancestors

since the day I was built

I crumble

Sphinx dust in the sands of Time

and still I rest

listening to what can’t be heard


laying in wait for futures

deathless dignified Seer

my power is under my control

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