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Osho | Zen Tarot

Osho | Zen Tarot

This reading came to me as I prepared for the first live webcast from the Lifeforce Academy’s 40 Day Prosperity challenge last week.

Silence. The Miser. Mind.

I was shook. My first obstacle is always self limiting miserly thoughts. Sometimes these thoughts are so loud that to sit in silent meditation is torture. Even as I write this I am distracted by thoughts that undermine my confidence to publish this blog post.

Inviting my mind to rest “in the depths of inner silence to the point where it meets the silence of the universe” (Osho Zen Tarot Guidebook) is the practice of relating to unlimited universal energies of love, truth, joy and power. A love, truth, joy and power that REMAINS even as time changes and the world changes.

But, how?

How do I clear my energetic playing field when I feel low? How do I deactivate the self sabotaging minefield? How do I strengthen my association with my soul purpose when I feel like I can’t even get out bed?

Let me be realistic…. when I am stuck in a “can’t get out of bed” feeling there is a vast expanse of practical self care and self motivating rituals that bridge the enormous gap between

A. laying in bed

B. frolicking and recharging in nature

First and foremost in that vast expanse of self motivating rituals  is “The Hot Beverage”.

It could be anything: coffee, hot water and lemon, chai, mint tea or just drinking the hot water straight from the shower head…. ok ok ok I joke with you…. sorta. But I have to acknowledge the importance of the little things like showering and eating toast that get me to the bigger things like engaging with nature, community, flower essences, dance, acupuncture, network spinal care, TRE, and psychic clearing techniques that involve bathing rituals, singing, and visualizations.

I also experience mantra meditation and Kundalini yoga to be deeply centering and clearing.  

Years ago I was introduced to Kundalini yoga through a 6 week long beginners series. I learned about Yogi Bhajan and some of the core meditations and practices of Kundalini. I feel that the practice of Kundalini yoga is transformative because vocalized mantra meditation is included in every practice. When I chant SAT NAM, I associate myself with Truth. Or when I sound the bija seed mantra HAR I resonate with the qualities creativity, expansion, and abundance.

For the next month and a half I’m participating in the Life Force Academy 40 day Prosperity Activation. I’m seeing these next 40 days less as “challenge” and more as an EXPERIENCE because I have plenty of challenges my life and I’d rather cultivate more nourishing experiences and practices. This 40 day event  is hosted by the luminous Jai Dev and Simrit. I am just 1 week and a couple missed home practices into this experience and I already have the sense of something within me shifting, taking up more space and moving with a little more purposefulness and joy.

Silence the Miser Mind

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