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The Via Tarot: The Path of Life

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Art by Susan Jameson

Explanatory booklet authored by John Bonner

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The Via Tarot card #21 is named the Universe. It pictures one naked woman dancing in the middle of 4 elemental whirling dervish dancers, encircled by a wreath of dark wings/petals/snake scales, in the center of an egg expanse of light. Balanced at the top is another naked human body, arms and chest outstretched indicating that the expansive light comes from this body.

This is the sacred spiral dance as danced in the nucleus and ovum. The dancer’s arms are outstretched to freely receive the lessons from the elements. Radical creation, heels dig in deep reaching to the ancestors beneath.

How can we dance for this earth a promise to not neglect or forget earth as the sacred body of creation? How can we dance free? How can we dance the dance of co-unity and co-creation?

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