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Bulls and Bees: Infused Honey Recipe

Honey has long been used to soothe, mend, intoxicate and preserve. Infusing honey with herbs and spices is an easy process that results in a delicious winter wellness staple. Working with infusions invites your creativity and encourages your healer’s intuition. One of my favorite infusions is ginger and cinnamon.

Last night the moon was full in the sign of Taurus and we are under Scorpio stars. Taurus energy feels like honey to me. The sweet flavor of honey indicating earth and water element. Taurus is earthy and sensual. Honey can be slow moving (Taurus much?) and represents the wealth from the organized efforts from the hive (hello Taurean hard workers!).

Because the sign of Taurus is associated with the bull I am often reminded of notes from a rambling lecture about bulls and bees………..Summer solstice/New Years Cretan rite for Dionysus the Greek deity linked to the bull, ritual ecstasy and wine. The rite involved the sacrifice of bull, a mead making/drinking ritual, and the belief that bees were the resurrected form of the sacrificed bull.

The hum of bees is the voice of the Goddess herself- the entirety of life and death. These are the same grand themes that Scorpio wraps itself around. Ginger and cinnamon bring deep internal warmth to the body. In the archetype of Scorpio, we are able to dive deep into life mystery just as ginger dives deep into our bio rhythms warming, encouraging circulation and digestion. Cinnamon is used in Chinese medicine to strengthen Wei chi the energy that circulates in the muscles and adds a subtle layer of protection from external pathogens and emotional or electro-magnetic invasion. This provides much needed protection for Scorpio as they travel into the frontiers and underworld of channeling and managing psychic creative energy.

What do you need?

  1. local honey

  2. 1-6 cinnamon sticks

  3. 3-5 in. raw ginger. Peeled and rough cut. (dried ginger will create an infusion with a longer shelf life. fresh ginger will need to be monitored since the natural juices can cause the honey to crystallize or go “off”)

  4. clean dry jars

How do you do it?

Arrange your work space to your liking. Feel free to add elements that focus your intention and feel authentic to you. The music you play, the conversation you have while crafting, a candle, or crystals will help invoke your intention.

  1. Fill jar about 1/4 full with ginger (I used a 24oz jar)

  2. Depending on the size of the jar place 1-6 sticks of cinnamon inside (I put 6 sticks in in a 24oz jar)

  3. Pour honey over the ginger and cinnamon.

  4. Close tightly, infuse with your intentions and love, turn the jar daily to mix the ingredients until the next full moon.

How do you use it?

Since this particular infusion will be spicy, it is best used in food and drink

Examples: Stirred into herbal tea, herbal cough syrups or fire cider. Simmered on low for a short time with butter or an oil of your choice and drizzled over popcorn or yams. Stirred into hot chocolate or hot toddies.

(Other honey infusions that are made with herbs should be strained and are more suitable for dressing wounds, bathing rituals, and topical treatments.)

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