The Whorled

Rachel Satterfield

1st try

So, first things first.

Yes I’m anxious to share,

Online here

Words that, previously, stayed in my journal (if written down at all).

Angles of discourse that I’ve only heard or read others explore.

But I’m here to try it out.

In the past, thewhorled.com, was where you could find my yoga events, schedule a flower essence consultation, or purchase one of my space clearing sprays.

I love being a student of yoga and teaching yoga. I love connecting to people and plants through flower essences. And I also love to write. I’ve always been off and on with writing… popping up in a chapbook here and there…I had always thought that I had “missed” “blogging”.

Why blog now?

I’ve felt silent, disconnected, and unsure of the future amidst all the fake news, real tragedies and noisy social media channels. Having the freedom to express my voice is a privilege my ancestors fought for. It is a gift. Writing as a practice of truth telling, unravelling the mystery of light and shadow honors them.

I want this gift to be used to share and connect the truths in my life (the healing practices, experiences with death and grief, experiences helping a parent with advanced stages of Parkinson’s disease, teaching yoga as a WOC, and all the joyful miscellaneous adventures in between) with the truths in your life.

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