1-on-1 Essential Yoga for folks new to the practice, or with unique schedule requirements, or for anybody wanting to learn adjustments, alignment, and prop use so that they can move confidently in public class space.

1-on-1 Extended Flow Yoga incorporates a deep dive on your point of inquiry whether it is alignment, therapeutic, philosophical, breath practice or meditation.

Small Group Yoga Class for special events, schools, or companies.

-Special events will weave creative, adaptive and heartfelt embodied rituals to bring together your peoples for birthdays, transitions, and goodbye celebrations. May incorporate divination cards, aromatherapy, massage, group rituals, journaling.

-For groups of 5-20 students in schools I use Niroga Institute’s “Teaching Transformative Life Skills to Students” curriculum. Offering young learners stress management tools by building self awareness with breathing and intentional stretching.

-At your work site, small group yoga can be a great team building experience or an encouraging self care workshop.